Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 Bag Collection Featuring New Top Handle Bags

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Presenting the Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 Bag Collection. The brand introduces two new top handle bags this season. The Queen Margaret and Iside Bags, the Queen Margaret has a flap front that features a metal bee with pearls and crystals on the closure. While the Iside Bag, is named after the Egyptian goddess of magic. It has a metal lock closure which has a feline head with red Swarovski eyes. Aside from these new styles, the Sylvie Bag is now available in Maxi size and also in clutch bag. This season’s GG Marmont comes in colorful floral embroideries and crystal appliqués, as well as the new Belt Bag style.

Gucci Snakeskin Queen Margaret Top Handle Bag – £2,830.00

Gucci Leather Queen Margaret Top Handle Bag – £2,020.00

Gucci Quilted Queen Margaret Bamboo Top Handle Bag – £2,420.00

Gucci Quilted Queen Margaret Bamboo Top Handle Bag – £2,420.00

Gucci Bi-color Quilted Queen Margaret Backpack Bag – £2,150.00

Gucci Quilted Queen Margaret Backpack Bag – £2,020.00

Gucci Dionysus Bamboo Medium Top Handle Bag – £2,020.00

Gucci Embroidered Snakesin Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag – £4,780.00

Gucci Sylvie Maxi Top Handle Bag – £3,230.00

Gucci Sylvie Maxi Top Handle Bag – £3,230.00

Gucci Sylvie Medium Top Handle Bag – £1,940.00

Gucci Sylvie Maxi Clutch Bag – £1,610.00

Gucci Leather/Snakeskin Iside Top Handle Bag – £2,260.00

Gucci Leather/GG Supreme Iside Top Handle Bag – £1,940.00

Gucci Loved Embroidered Velvet GG Marmont Medium Shoulder Bag – £1,790.00

Gucci Modern Embroidered Velvet GG Marmont Medium Shoulder Bag – £1,610.00

Gucci Dragonfly Embroidered GG Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag – £2,420.00

Gucci Feather Embroidered GG Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag – £2,030.00

Gucci Matelassé GG Marmont Belt Bag – £690.00

Gucci Matelassé GG Marmont Belt Bag – £690.00

Gucci Matelassé GG Marmont Belt Bag – £690.00

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Gucci Snake’s a Favorite for Men’s Bags

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Snakes continue to slither in Men’s bags for Gucci.snake-print-leather-duffle-1

We’ve seen other Gucci bags like this, and just like them, the bags are full leather, and adorned in snakes or some other form. This duffle is stuff of legends: full leather, with one side plain, the other side printed. Feels like the same concept with the women’s Matelassé, where one side has a louder hardware logo, and the other is the quieter stitched branding.snake-print-leather-duffle-redembossed-leather-duffle

The Leather Duffle have modest variations to satisfy your possible needs. While one side is either painted or embossed with some form of animal, the back side has a silent blind stamp that is just so wonderful. It’s like having one bag with two faces.snake-print-leather-duffle-3

The double rolled handle, wide and deep structure, makes it feel like more than just a duffle, but instead a wonderful everyday day bag, work bag, and casual weekend bag – all rolled into one form factor.snake-print-leather-duffle-2

Since these are the newer bags, surely you’ve familiarized yourself with Gucci’s textile/suede lining. It doesn’t hurt also that the zippers are wide and goes down on the sides to make it easily accessible for what ever you may need to reach into it while carrying it.snake-print-leather-duffle-4

And, like any bag, Gucci doesn’t disappoint with bag construction. You can rest your bag on any surface, with a generous and smart placement of bag feet at the base of the bag so that the leather at the bottom doesn’t scuff.snake-print-leather-duffle-5

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Collection Bags

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

In a collection that shut down New York Fashion Week with a dazzling bang, Marc Jacob reminded us once again that he never disappoints in the dramatics department. New York’s famed Ziegfeld Theatre set the scene for Marc’s trademark genius theatrics. This time he paid homage to American cinema, as well as Americana itself, and took the word “show” to full-blown proportions with a lengthy red carpet, cigarette girls, classic candy, and popcorn. The highly entertaining collection also seems to pay homage to the prolific work of the designer himself. With a retrospective mood, we were offered a helping of the best of Marc Jacobs all at once, including elements of old-school grunge, à la his early Perry Ellis era; sassy ’40s Hollywood-era glamour; shrunken military suits and varsity jackets; glam-rock platforms fit for Ziggy Stardust; sweeping dresses with high-shine luster, fit for other red carpets to come; and, of course, plenty of irreverence, from stars-and-stripes motifs to wacky screen prints.

It also marked the first time he combined the showing of little-sister label Marc by Marc with the main collection, and the result was a high-low mix that encourages us to counter our pricy bag with more accessibly-priced shoes. Speaking of bags, it also heralded what just might be the most excessive yet insanely fun bag collection I have ever seen from Marc Jacobs (and I’ve been a huge MJ whore since college!). The crossbodies and clutches snapped, crackled, and popped with as much pizazz as the twinkling red, white, and blue separates, but if anything, Marc is a man of intelligent dichotomy, and the “bones” of the bags remain as classic as they come. Crisp, clean lines, which could be likened to that of a beautifully constructed home, laid the ideal foundation for pieces to be adorned with sequins, charms, and patches galore.

Marigold-yellow python paired with Mickey Mouse and the Statue of Liberty? It somehow works flawlessly! So do kitschy pin adornments that bring to mind digging through Grandma’s old jewel box, while a traditionally structured rectangular shoulder bag gets outfitted in marching band-style piping and trim, and an elongated clutch receives the American flag treatment in sparkly sequins. Rather than buying stickers that could ultimately ruin the bag, Marc has done the work of accessorizing your accessory for you. His message is clear: More is more is more! And really, is there anything more richly American than excessive amounts of excess?

Shop Marc Jacobs bags hereicon.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Collection Bags

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The Hermes Evelyne III Bag is not as famous as the Birkin and it doesn’t have the same price tag, but we are seeing an increase of fashionista’s and celebrities carrying this bag in their casual time. Why is that?

First, it’s the impeccable quality, we spotted Kate Walsh carrying the Evelyne III Bag in brown, totally overloading it and still… it didn’t break. I think that tells a lot about their Taurillon Clemence leather.

Then it’s the design, just like most of Hermes timeless bags, the Evelyne III is crafted rather simple and streamlined, with a long and strong shoulder strap. The large H, which represents the brand Hermes, is drawn on the front with a circle.

A reasonable price for a Hermes bag – if you need a shoulder bag, a messenger bag and you don’t mind paying a little bit more, you will get the quality you want. However, what we do recommend before making a buying decision, is to take a look at theHermes Herbag Zip first, because it’s almost the same price range.

The Hermes Evelyne III Bag comes in four sizes:

Leathers available: Epsom and Clemence

Hermes Evelyne II TPM
Size: 6.7″ x 7″ x 2″
Price: Retailed at $1,600 USD, but it’s now discontinued

Hermes Evelyne III PM
Size: 11.25″ x 12″ x 2 ½”
Price: $2,800 USD or € 2.000 euro’s or £1,890 GBP

Hermes Evelyne III GM
Size: 12” x 13” x 3”
Price: $3,125 USD or € 2.230 euro’s or £2,110 GBP

Hermes Evelyne III TGM
Size: 16″ x 16.5″ x 4″
Price: $4,500 USD














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We just posted the details of the Cruise 2015 Collection and unexpectedly, it features a brand-new Boy Quilted Flap Bag in patent and Plexiglass CC Boy Clasp. For the serious Boy Bag collectors, it’s undeniable a must have.

READ: Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bag with Plexiglass Cc Boy Clasp

But because the Fall Winter 2014 Collection has not ended yet (meaning, these handbags are still available until the Spring Summer 2015 Collection is launched), we thought you might want to enjoy some more street snaps of the Boy Bag Collection.

Again, we cooperated with our good friend Winni to make this happen! She is again on ‘hunting-mode’ for more Chanel accessories in Europe, and especially eyeing on the travel wallet.

But anyways, we love the street snaps, the pictures are so vivid that the silver chains are literally shining. Take a look at the new colours that are now waiting at your nearest Chanel boutique. The brand released bright colours like green and also darker colours like emerald green. The Chevron Flap Bag is absolutely to-die-for, again stealing our heart in old-pink. It’s also painted in dark purple.

What’s more?

Oh, you remember the latest Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain that ‘we talked about? The Boy Wallet on Chain with a tiny wallet inside and lady-like Chain? Well, here’s another look in black!

READ: Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain

For the latest prices and details about the boy bags, please go to: Chanel Bags Prices

As an additional information, the Chanel Wallet is priced at £1170 GBP.







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A shiny shimmery treat for all of you bag lovers out there, these Colors Of The Lady Dior Shiny Python Bags are the real deal. From afar and up close, these bags look extra luxurious and extravagant. Though we are 100% sure that the price doesn’t come cheap, at least remind yourself that these are bags which are worth the splurge given the name and the craftsmanship put into creating them.

Perfect to take with you during evening galas and events, these shiny python bags from Christian Dior will give you that big and bold fashion statement. You can select from a number of colors available from their collection: one can opt to bring home the silver colored bag or the golden-toned, the pink one or the bright and lively fuchsia color.

Aside from the wide array of colors that you can choose from, we are also loving the additional trinkets of D,I,O and R. We kind of figured that these charms finish off the look of the Lady Dior Shiny Python Bags.




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